Orchestra seminar and concert with Atayurt Private Schools in Turkey

For Atayurt Private School’s 20th annual art festival, they had invited Alexander for a two day orchestra seminar and a final concert on the 14th of November at Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi Spor Salonu. There, in addition to presenting his individual pieces, he also performed with the school’s students, orchestra, choir and dancers.

The concert was broadcasted, and thanks to May Elisabeth Nipen’s meticulous work splitting and putting all 26 video sections together, those of you who may have missed the broadcasting, or just wish to watch it again, can now view the parts Alexander was involved in on YouTube. She has made a playlist of all the songs in the order in which they were played at the concerts. Below the video, you’ll find a gallery with pictures from the concert.


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  1. Music is an important part of education. If you are not incorporating right brain and left brain principles in your school, then you are not able to get your students to use both sides of their brains. Private schools are an excellent source of this.

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