Alexander Rybak – new presenter on NRK Radio Classic

– I have always had as mission to present classical music to those around me. As a presenter I can now share my life’s most beautiful musical experiences with the listener, says Rybak.

Alexander Rybak is looking forward to work as a presenter, and he is in good company. Per Sundnes, Arve Tellefsen og Tine Thing Helseth are the three others, who from already next week will be the radio channel’s regular voices.

Sources: , NRK Klassisk

Alexander was guest in the radio programme “Midt i Musikken” on NRK Klassisk 3.9.2014 where he told about his plans for the programme.

Recorded by Ulli C, translated by Laila S.H. and revision by Anni Jowett

A promo video for the radio program “Min Favorittmusikk” (My favourite Music)


Alexander Rybak, Per Sundnes, Tine Thing Helseth and Arve Tellefsen

NRK klassisk Alexander Rybak Arve tellefsen Per Sundnes Tine Thing Helset

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