Alexander Rybak & Frikar cooperation, summer 2009

(translated by the FaceBookie Tessa La, bilingual subs by Sveta Plyasun)

R: The headdancer in Frikar, Hallgrim Hansegård, is our guest this Friday.
There is no doubt who is the head of Frikargruppen. The 29-year-old from Valdres gives everything on the rehearsals for the the new summer show where Frikar and Alexander Rybak cooperate.

A: I was afraid that Firkar would only be with me at the ESC, and that was it. But now we have an entire season ahead of us this summer, and they will add something unique to my concerts.
R: The boys brag each other accordning to the cooperation, which goes far beyond the ESC. They heavily preparing for the 40 performances they are going to have in public.

3 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak & Frikar cooperation, summer 2009”

  1. It’s so interesting to see interview where people don’t know about Alex’s win, about his great long work with Frikar, about their brilliant tours in Europe and CIS

    Так необычно видеть интервью, где еще не знают о победе Саши на евро, о его работе с Фрикр, о его потрясающих турне по Европе и СНГ.

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