Alexander Rybak: “Christmas Tales”! Release Nov.23rd 2012

Info found by Sonya Luzina, Jorunn Ekre, Ulli Cologne, Hildebjørg Ha, Hilde M., Tessa La and Venche M. Translated by Marianne Saietz

Release  from in Norway Nov.23rd 2012


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01 The Christmas Song

02 Winter Wonderland

03 Let It Snow
04 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
05 Tell Me When
06 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
07 Baby It´s Cold Outside
08  Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer
09 Presents
10 Silver Bells
11 I´ll Be Home For Christmas
12 Silent Night

More info about the album  from

Ever since midsummer there has been a Christmas mood in a studio in Gjerdrum. Alexander Rybak has been working on his Christmas album, and the result is a warm, organic and humorous album.
The theme is American Christmas Carrols and Alexander has picked his absolute favorites, and added his own style to it. He has rearranged all of the songs and he plays all the strings.
Alexander has worked closely with the producer of his previous album Visa vid vindens ängar (2011), and Knut Bjørnar Asphol has contributed with a good ear for rich details and he has invited a fantastic vocal- and wind instrument orchestra which richly colors the album.

Two guests also took the train to Nittedal, Annsofi Pettersen and Didrik Solli-Tangen who contributes on two duets. The song with Didrik is written by Rybak for this album. A Christmas album for the whole family that reminds us of the joy of being together and celebrating Christmas, singing together and playing together. The harmony is in the front seat while the melancholy is in the back.
Alexander always keeps a busy schedule, while working on his Christmas album in Norway, he`s been working and performing all over Europe. In October he is releasing a new single for the European market.
Rybak has throughout the year held concerts in Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Belgium, The Netherlands, Belorussia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Aserbadjian, Denmark and Sweden. In Norway he has played for sold out venues all over the country together with local culture schools, and he has had success with this year`s summer show together with Bettan and Didrik.

This year Alexander is a new and welcome guest on the Christmas tour Silent Night, which has long traditions in Norway. They will be touring all over the country starting on November 27.


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6 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak: “Christmas Tales”! Release Nov.23rd 2012”

  1. just in time for all those Xmas concerts….people will be lining up for miles outside the churches to get them personally signed to their friends for Xmas…..What a great gift…a “smurf” autographed cd………….Hope Alex has large PR posters for the album….I want one please.

  2. Sadly -- this year I am not sure there will be a signing afterwards -- seeing that the promoters has made a whirlwind schedule with two concerts each day. With just about enough time to move from one place to the other between. I am afraid that will be exhausting -- and no time for signing….
    Anyway -- will pre-order the cd and looking forward to tearing it -- and the Christmas concert!

  3. Its a shame. I’d love a poster to add to my collection. What am I saying? I cant make the Christmas concerts this year, so I couldn’t get one ANYWAY!!!…which makes me have a sad. :'( *sob*

  4. Love the tracks list! And Tell Me When, the most important song is on that list…
    It will be a christmas with the CD on repeat, that’s for sure. Maybe I should get 2 CDs right from the start, in case one of them will be worn out 🙂

  5. … BUT you always can get an autograph on this album in Februaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 🙂 That I will do! *mwaaa*

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