Alexander Rybak and Arve Tellefsen-Interview in “Fredag” ,April 9th,2010

(English translation & annotations by Hilde M., Russian translation Irina K., Russian subs by Olina N.)



6 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak and Arve Tellefsen-Interview in “Fredag” ,April 9th,2010”

  1. You guys are just brillant!!! You deserve a raise and a vacation to some tropical island with palmtrees and naked guys!!!

  2. Спасибо за русские субтитры!Девочки просто такие молодцы что нет слов!

  3. You’re welcome:) This interview is interesting to translate. For example, I’ve known some new things about Ole Bull. Hilde and Olina, thank you for your high speed and quality! Many thanks to Julia for organizing us:)

  4. He was in Berlin, but not at “Stern” only at “Bild”, where he played ” Rose of mountains” “early in the morning”, what he self says in the vid 😉
    He is still so confuse about what and where he did in Germany!

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