Alexander in the Hungarian talent show Virtuozok 27.05.2016

Alexander was the guest performer in the final of the Hungarian talent TV-show Virtuozok 2016, which was broadcast 27.5.2016. He performed “Summer” of Vivaldi and “Hungarian Suite” and he also did a short interview. Click on the pictures below to watch the videos.
Thanks to Mónika Menyhért for the translation and info about the musicians , and Bożena Lebioda for the screenshots you find below the videos and also in the header picture 🙂 

“Hungarian Suite” and the brilliant pianist Apor Szűts


“Summer 2. and 3. mvt.” of Vivaldi with the String chamber orchestra of the Hungarian Radio Conductor: Sándor Balogh


The short dialog after the performance, translated by Mónika Menyhért:
– Congratulations. How did you feel when working together with our virtuosos?
Alexander:  I love this show. I’m amazed really by the support  that not only the audience show these young talents but also the support from the whole country. In other countries they don’t have the same as you here.  You are wonderful. Thank you.

A short intro before Alexander’s performances. Translation by Mónika Menyhér


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  1. Niesamowity program. Utalentowani młodzi muzycy w perfekcyjnych wykonaniach. Fantastyczne wykonanie Alexandra dwóch słynnych utworów dodało temu programowi prestiżu. Z przyjemnością obejrzałam cały program.

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