Alex, Maria, Kathrine and Olga at Voksenåsen, Norway, August 28th, 2010

(thanks for the videos to Kjersti and Austen Potter)

Why not me?

Europe skies

Roll with the wind


12 thoughts on “Alex, Maria, Kathrine and Olga at Voksenåsen, Norway, August 28th, 2010”

  1. Great !! The fact that the audience stayed there under the rain is just amazing !! That’s what you can call dedicated fans !! :’)

  2. yeah,you’re right Roi
    This is realy amazing!Here you can see how much fans love Alexander!:)

  3. Great videos 🙂 I wish I was there,brings back memories to the concert at Hunderfossen in July.About the same weather 🙂

  4. Wow, Александр и его группа все все это вместе, во время дождя. Путь к идти команды Рыбака!! Так держать!

  5. Its nice to hear him singing a rocking song! There’s so many different sides of him its amazing:)

  6. Wow really I would like to see your show in person m would like to the equal one you to listen but mas to meet I believe that you are a super artist, but I confess that your chorus-singers give me jealousies and mas the persons who are present at your presentations for which you do not visit Mexico really it would give what was for that like that it is and mas q nothing would stop to spend the opportunity to be going to meet if a días you honor us by your visit

  7. Великолепное выступление!!! Прекрасно! Саша, удачи тебе во всем!

  8. Sasha, now I listening your songs, and as you said in song ‘I’m in Love’ I say you- YOU GENIUS! Ukraine love you! Come to Kharkov :}

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