Alexander Rybak and Time to Show – Fan recording of the anniversary show in Kaunas, Lithuania

Video with Alexanders performance in  “Time to Show” anniversary show in Kaunas, Lithuania 17.01.2015

Recorded by Magdalena K.

Many thanks to the Polish “chikas” for this concert video:)

“Didn’t know that Saturday’s anniversary concert was a public one. These chikas came all the way from Poland ”  Alexanders FB post

You can find news about Alexander Rybak in Polish here:

Facebook fanpage of Polish Rybak’s Mafia

Fiddler onm the Roof Dennis Storhøi


He is a unique artist

Author: Eirik Sivertsen  Published14.05.2009  Source:  Translation by TessaLa. Revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak sees actor Dennis Storhøi as his artistic mentor. Dennis on his side is unabashed in tribute of his young colleague.

Back then Alexander had recently become the winner of NRK’s Kjempesjansen and was asked by director Svein Sturla Hungnes about taking the role as the Fiddler in the world-famous musical. Continue reading

Interview with Marina Putnikova, member of MILKI

Interview with Milki member Marina Putnikova

Some know her as the teacher at the Gorki Children’s Vocal Arts School. Some remember her from the project “Singing Cities”. But her biggest claim to fame came from the participation in the group Milki that Alexander Rybak wanted to introduce to Eurovision in 2015. The Gorki News met with the girl to dot all the “i”s with the group Milki and their try-outs in the international song contest and also to find out the talented compatriot’s plans.

Source: Author: Katya Karpitskaya. Photo: Michael Levtsov.  Translated by Marina Rolbin.

-Everyone writes that you made it to Alexander Rybak’s audition by accident. How did it happen? Continue reading

Time to show anniversary concert 2015

Alexander and Time to Show on VIP, TV3 Lithuania 25.01.15

Glimpse from the anniversary concert in Kaunas  and  interviews with Alexander and Vaidas Kunickis on the TV-show VIP on TV3 Lithuanian.

Pictures from the concert you will find on

Found and translated by Erika Erikutia, recorded by TessaLa.             English transcribtion and revision by Anni Jowett



Alexander Rybak: “The Belarusian Jury Killed My Dream!”

The Eurovision winner shared with “Komsomolka” who has upset him, what he doesn’t regret, and if he will continue working with Milki.

Together with his Belarusian manager Andei Guzel (right), Alexander Rybak will take on Milki’s future.

After the Belarusian national selection to Eurovision, most of the discussion was not about the winning duet of the singer Uzari and violinist Maimuna, but about Sasha Rybak, the triumphant Eurovision winner, a Norwegian with Belarusian roots- having been offended. In the past year, Alexander has not just been a passing visitor in our country, but one of our own, as the producer of the group Milki, and despite opposing predictions, he plans to continue his collaboration with the group.

Continue reading

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