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Alexander Rybak – Min Favorittmusikk – NRK Klassisk 11.12.14

The last “My Favourite Music” with Alexander as a host on NRK Classic this year. The topic was “Interaction and joy”, and he had invited his former principal at Barratt Due Music Institut, Stephan Barrattt Due. Quite interesting to listen to the talk between the former student and his former principal.  Alexander must have been quite a student for sure. Enjoy almost two hours with good music and interesting talk. The video has English subs :)

Source: NRK Klassisk

Recorded by May Elisabet Nipen, translation and subs by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

19 advent

19. December: I want to wish you a Merry Christmas…

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales

“It is such fun to be a part of this tour”

After over 25 years on the road, one could safely say, that “Stille Natt, Hellige Natt” Christmas tour  has become a tenacious tradition. But this is what Christmas is like, we enjoy doing the same things over and over again any many of the audience also show up faithfully year after year.

“Feliz Navidad” with its simple Spanish chorus (the traditional Christmas/New Year greeting, “Feliz Navidad, próspero año y felicidad” meaning “Merry Christmas, a prosperous year and happiness”) and equally simple English verse “I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart”, has become one of the firm favourites  the audience avidly looks forward every year.

Alexander was part of this tour in 2012 and 2013.19 advent

Quote:”It is such fun to be a part of this tour. Not only do I get to experience lots of great music, but we also have such a great chemistry between us who are on stage. So I feel very lucky, and for me it’s especially rewarding when we are sitting in the tour bus and reminiscing when we still were young.” Alexander Rybak.

The Strømme-foundation benefits from a percentage donation of the ticket-sales from Stille Natt, Hellige Natt, something that has provided aid for HIV-infected children in Africa and homeless children in South-America.

Calendar project by
Lulu – Mexico, Bita – Canada, Katie – USA,
Anni – UK, Ebba – Sweden, Slavka – Slovakia, Sonya – Russia,
Hilde, Marit, Venche, Tessa, May, Jorunn – Norway


#LiveitWinit – “Live It” the Official Anthem of QATAR 2015

Alexander takes part in the anthem – Qatar2015

Alexander is one of the artists who takes part in the official anthem for World Championship  handball in Qatar 2015.  He is representing  Belarus, who will participate in the WC with their national team.

Alexanders line:)

“Hold your breath. Seize the moment when you live it, win it” 

The income from the championship ticket sales will to go to Education Above All’s global programme – Educate A Child, to bring the transformational power of education to children.

Alexander’s supporting speech for the project #EAC

More info about “Educate A Child” here, and the support from Qatar2015 here.

A short piece of the anthem played by Alexander and Pablo Lopez

International stars meeting in Madrid 




Julekort calender 2014

18. December : A Classic Winter

“Classical music isn’t that many steps from Rock’n Roll”

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas TalesWinters can be harsh, icy and cold (especially in Norway!), but

Winters can be harsh, icy and cold (especially in Norway!), but it’s your loved ones who can bring back the warmth into the season.
What better way then to express the essence of winter’s soul than through music? Alexander does just this in the following video, where he performs Vivaldi – “Winter”, from his 2010 tour “Swinging Home for Christmas”. Continue reading

Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen – Presents (new video)

New Christmas release on AlexanderRybakVideo

PresentsAlexanderDidrikFrom Alexander Rybak´s album Christmas Tales (link).  Now “Presents”,  Alexanders own witten song is officially released on youtube. Enjoy this funny Christmas duet with Didrik Solli-Tangen! And subscribe to AlexanderRybakVideo Continue reading

julekort calender 2014

17. December: Wonderful Peace at Christmas

Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales
Click the picture for link to more info on Christmas Tales

“What will save the world?: Definitely not fighting.

At Christmas time, the landscape is covered in a white blanket and everything’s quiet. The world seems to be standing still, as if protected by the angel’s white wings.

The Christmas season is a time to calm down, make time for peace and all the good things. To enjoy the first snow flakes and being together with our loved ones. Continue reading

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