Alexander is very skilled

No summer without the “Soot-Play”

When this year’s “Soot-Play” is premiered this Friday, Edda (6), Moa (12) and Vilma (10) share the stage with their dad, Lars Johansson.

Excerpts from an article in Smaalenene Avis, published 20.6.17, Text and photo: Elise Byman-Brattås and Joakim Chavez Seldal. Read the complete article HERE

– It has become a tradition for us. No summer without “Soot”, says Lars Johansson. Now the rehearsals have started, and the girls have become accustomed to be around Alexander Rybak.

– We meet Alexander every day and don’t think much about it, but it is fun to be together with a celebrity, says Moa and Wilma.

He is very clever, and he takes his time with the children. When it was Moa’s birthday he for example played the birthday song for her on the fiddle. He is very down to earth, and at the same time professional. Alexander is very skilled, praises Lars Johansson, and adds that Dennis Storhøi is clever with the children too.

– The “Soot-Play” is very good, because the actors are so clever in remembering their lines and such, says Vilma.

– The Play looks real, the singers are good, and I really recommend it because Rybak is there too, says Moa.

– It is great because it is fun. We do funny things and the Play is not boring. I love being here, says Edda.

The “Soot-Play” premiere is Friday 23. June and keeps on till  2. July. It is the third year. 43 actors take part in the 11 shows in the Locker Amphi. On the last weekend there will be two shows on Saturday and Sunday. New this year is Kjersti Elvik, who takes part as an actor.

This is the place Alexander spends most of his time during the Play together with the other musicians. 

Music: Ingar Guttormsen (bass, Dag Tofteng (guitar) and Bjørn Halstensen (piano/accordion) was in charge of the music for the whole Play together with Alexander Rybak.

Alexander Rybak at Sveiomarknaden 3.6.2017

Alexander performed at the Norwegian festival Sveiomarknaden 2017

Featured picture: Photos by Marit Olavsdatter and Daniel DeNiazi 

Alexander performed four songs, one of them, “Dyrene i Afrika”, he performed together with the children’s choir. Alexander was joyful and the audience showed their enthusiasm and sang along the songs. Continue reading Alexander Rybak at Sveiomarknaden 3.6.2017

Alexander and Philip Cecil – Looking My Way

Alexander Rybak steps into the modern sound EDM in collaboration with Philip Cecil

“For a long time I have wanted to do something modern, something fun and fresh. @philipcecilmusic gave me that chance” –  Alexander

Continue reading Alexander and Philip Cecil — Looking My Way

Alexander, Julie and Philip Cecil i the radio show “Kveldsåpent” 30.5.2017

Alexander Rybak and Philip presented their new song “Looking My Way”  in the Norwegian radio show “Kveldsåpent” (Evening Open) on NRK P1. And Julie, Alexander’s girlfriend, was with them too. 

A nice interview where Alexander and Philip Cecil talks about their collaboration with the song  “Looking My Way” and future plans 🙂 

Source: NRK P1, broadcast 30.5.2017

Philip Cecil and Alexander Rybak – “Looking My Way” single of the week on NPS Music

Philip Cecil has teamed up with Alexander Rybak and created one of this year’s big hits.

The music producer Philip Cecil and Alexander Rybak released the single “Looking My Way” on streaming services Sunday May 28th, and the song is  “The single of the week” on NPS Music. Continue reading Philip Cecil and Alexander Rybak — “Looking My Way” single of the week on NPS Music

Alexander interviewed by Russian TV in “Friday News” 23.05.2017

Alexander Rybak on “Friday News” Russian TV.

During his stay in Russia due to his concert on the festival “Norway’s Day” in Moscow, Alexander gave an interview to the Russian TV-channel “Friday”. The interview was broadcast in their “Friday News”  Tuesday 23.05.2017

Alexander about Norway, Norwegian values and 17th of May in Magasinet 13.05.2017


Source: Magasinet, Dagbladet. Published 13.05.2017.  Text:  Silje Kathrine Sviggum. Photo:  Agnete Brun. Found by Mónika Menyhért. Translated by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett. 

Alexander Rybak (31) is still influenced by the time that he lost the 17th of May. The year was 2009 and «Fairytale» had  brought home victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. When the confetti hit the floor in Moscow and Rybak was thrown into a congratulation swirl, he realised that he would miss the celebration of the 17th of May. Continue reading Alexander about Norway, Norwegian values and 17th of May in Magasinet 13.05.2017

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