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Alexander Rybak on Eurovision Radio International 29.10.2014

Juergen Boernig from Eurovision Radio International met Alexander Rybak  for an interview during Alexander’s stay in Luxembourg for the ESC Gala Night 2014. The interview was aired in their 3 hour long live stream radio show on Wednesday 29th of October. It was a very good interview about his participation as a composer in the national selection for both Malta, with “Still Here” performed by Franklin Calleja, and Belarus with the song “Accent” performed by a girl band. They also played his new song “What I Long For”.

Recording by Sonya Luzina

Source: Eurovision Radio International

October 30, 2014 0:29 UTC
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Meeting Alexander Rybak at the ESC Gala Night 2014 in Luxembourg – Report by Josie Munck

This was actually my first time in Luxembourg, and I have to say I really enjoyed it!

One of the reasons was, of course Alexander. He performed 3 songs at the Eurovision Gala Night, “Roll with The Wind, “Into a Fantasy” and last but not least “Fairytale”.

Recorded by Ulli C


The atmosphere was absolutely gorgeous. Everybody was in a happy mood, especially when Alexander performed. After the whole show we got the chance to meet him, even though it was very short, as he was a bit tired.

Meet&Greet Luxembourg

Photo source: Ulli C

But hey, at least we could say hello, and it was fun as always when you meet the fiddler. So all in all it was a super great evening.

Josie MunckJosie Munck

October 28, 2014 1:28 UTC
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Alexander Rybak – ESC Gala night 2014, Luxembourg 25.10.14 – Report by Jessica Hilbert

Yesterday night’s Eurovision Gala Night in Luxembourg

I was asked to tell a little more about the evening so let me first tell you about the event itself.

ESC Gala Night 2014

Picture source: Luxemburger Wort

The Eurovision Gala Night is an annual event hosted by OGAE Luxembourg to bring the spirit of Eurovision back to Luxembourg since the country last participated in the song contest in 1993. It also promotes the idea that Luxembourg should participate again sometime in the future and the earned profit goes to charity. In fact, it is our own little Eurovision Song Contest: There are contestants representing different nations who perform former ESC songs. They are then later on judged by international jury members. Of course, the audience and the public can also vote and the scoring system is the same as for the ESC.

Yesterday, the 7th edition of the event was hosted. The first part of the evening consisted of 16 contestants performing their songs. All in all, they did a good job and there were some stunning talents among them! After a break the second part began. The time had come for the performances of 4 former ESC participants.

One of them was Marion Welter who was the Luxembourgish ESC contestant in 1992 with her song “Sou fräi”.

Alexander Rybak ESC Gala Night 2014

Alexander was the first of 3 ESC winners to perform on stage. He charmed the audience and mentioned our country with nice words. He then made us sing along to “Roll with the Wind” by signalling whenever we had to sing the “Ay ay ay” part. It seemed as though the people really liked singing along to his songs, or at least that was my impression. After that, he told us about the work he’d done for DreamWorks’s “How to train your Dragon 2” and why this song is so special to him. Alexander taught the audience the lyrics of the background vocals so that we could also sing along to this song, which we did.

Of course he also performed his winning song of the ESC 2009 and after some more nice words, he left the stage to make way for Linda Martin who won the ESC for Ireland in 1992. She too talked a bit about her stay here and performed 5 songs.

The atmosphere changed completely with Loreen’s performance. She managed to make the audience stand up and dance while singing “Euphoria”, which is a great achievement considering that here in Luxembourg audiences (people in general) usually have quite a bearish attitude.

 Loreen >ESC Gala Night 2014

After these performances the jury gave their votes and the winner of the contest, Inês Pinto for Portugal, was determined. The winner of the previous year handed her the trophy and so the actual event had come to an end and was followed by an after show party.

Inês Pinto ESC Gala Night 2014

I must say I enjoyed the evening very much! For me it was amazing and touching to see and hear an entire room full of people sing along to the songs of one of my favourite musicians. Especially, here in my home country. I’m glad and I thank him for accepting the invitation to come to this tiny little country to delight an audience that was probably different from the people for whom he usually performs.

 Thank you Alexander!

Jessica Hilbert

Jessica Hilbert

October 26, 2014 19:08 UTC
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Alexander Rybak – auditions in Belarus for the national selection of ESC 2015

Alexander Rybak will take part in the national selection for ESC in Belarus as a composer with the song “My accent”. The song will be performed by a girl band, and Alexander has been in Belarus for some days to have auditions in 4 cities across the country: Mogilev, Minsk, Grodno and Brest. There has been a lot of interest both for the auditions and from the media, and Alexander has been on several morning TV-shows, and radio shows, and given many interviews. Our Russians translators are the case. :)

Here  is an English version of the interview in the TV-show “Morning. Studio of Good Mood” on channel CTV.

Alexander Rybak Belarus

Winner of 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Alexander Rybak preparing Belarusian representative for 2015 competition

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October 25, 2014 17:21 UTC
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Alexander Rybak in Nashville, Tennessee. October 1, 2014 – Report by Katie A

Hello, USA!

Yes, we had Alex here on American soil, and it was everything we expected it to be (and then some).


  Another fan and I had gotten in touch with each other before the concert to make arrangements. Continue reading »

October 24, 2014 13:16 UTC
Author: Katie Anderson
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Alexander Rybak – “Still Here” Lyrics and Video

We present to you the lyrics to “Still Here” composed by Alexander Rybak and performed by Franklin Calleja in the National Eurovision Song Contest Selection in Malta.

Franklin Calleja and Alexander Rybak

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October 23, 2014 17:04 UTC
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