Interview with Alexander Rybak from the photo session with girls from his Belarusian group “Milki”

Rybak’s “girls” arranged a white-red-white photo session.

“Belteleradiokompania” has stopped accepting applications on November 21 from the participants in the Eurovision 2015 national selection. 

We will find out at the beginning of December who will make it to the finals. For now, musicians have been furtively sending packages with documents and recorded songs to the organizing committee. Alexander Rybak openly plans to conquer not just Belarusians but all of Europe. attended the music group photo session, and found out from the Eurovision 2009 winner what the song will be about and how they plan to surprise the jury and the audience.

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Franklin Calleja performes Still Here by Alexander Rybak tonight at the final of MESC 2015

Happy Birthday Franklin Calleja!


The boy with the big voice will perform Alexander Rybak´s song #StillHere at the final of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 tonight. Yesterday he captured our hearts with his beautiful performance and amazed us with his vocal range. So look out for number 11 tonight at #MESC2015.

We wish the Birthday boy Franklin good luck tonight and hope he get´s a lot of votes  for his Birthday:) Link to watch the show from 20:45 CET

Yesterday´s performance 


Malta 2015: How Franklin came to his Rybak song

Alex with Franklin

Alexander Rybak is back – Namely in Malta! Franklin Calleja who has already been present at the preliminary decision for Copenhagen will sing a Rybak-ballad next weekend with the aim to travel to Vienna in May 2015: “Still here” is a classical ESC-ballad which in the course of three minutes rises to a big climax. We certainly want to know how that the Rybak-Calleja-Connection came about.

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Franklin Calleja – “Still Here”

This weekend it’s the semi-final and final of Malta’s national selection for Eurovision 2015. Franklin will perform as number 3, and the semi-final starts Friday at 20.50 CET. Watch it online on

Alexander Rybak, who is the composer of the song, said this about Franklin on his FB page recently:

“Whatever the competition, and no matter who wins in the end, I sincerely believe that Franklin Calleja has the strongest and most interesting voice in the country of Malta, and I hope that people will understand his great talent for music and help him to the world stage (he is just as amazing live as he is on this video). And if I can help him with this song, I’m truly happy!”

We wish both Franklin and Alexander the best of luck, and those of you who live in Malta;  don’t forget to vote!




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